Shifting demographics, talent competition, and a dramatically changing service environment have converged to make diversity and inclusion an important strategic objective. 

The Power of Inclusion will focus on education, engagement, opportunities and celebration (EEOC) through a year of education that will enable us to leverage and capitalize on the rich diversity that exists on our campus and use it as a value differentiator.

Internationally acclaimed subject matter experts will discuss strategies to bring all groups together, reduce tension in the workplace, and manage change and peoples of different cultures, backgrounds and generations.

“Loma Linda University affirms that all persons are of equal worth in the sight of God and that they should be so regarded and treated.  Therefore, the University abides by and promotes the Biblical teachings of equality and inclusion.”

What do we mean by inclusion?

Inclusion is the achievements of a work environment in which all individuals are valued, engaged, treated fairly and respectfully, and have equitable access to opportunities and resources.

•  Diversity Inspires Creativity
•  Inclusion Unites Individuals
•  Access Provides Opportunities

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• Describe differences and the value that individual uniquenesses bring to the workplace.

• Develop high performing teams at all levels of the organization through inclusion.

• Describe myths and attitudinal bias to turn diversity into a competitive advantage.

• Compare and contrast strategies for reducing tension and encouraging positive collaboration.

• Explain how participants can become effective agents to produce change and inclusiveness. 

• Describe the generations presently in the workforce and how best to communicate with each group.

• Evaluate the generation mix in your work area.

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International Food Festival entrance fee:
$5.00 per person.  We invite participants to bring their family and other members of the community. (conference registration not req)

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